Buy Clean Energy 2010 Launched

Buy Clean Energy 2010

How it works
This unique campaign, which runs through 2010, encourages individuals and organizations to buy renewable energy in support of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. At users are given tools to find out how much electricity they use now, research local utility green-power programs, buy renewable energy certificates (RECs) through a unique “Buy Now” button, and return to the site to share personal testimonials about why they purchased clean energy. Users can also add their purchases to the site’s year-long goal of 1 billion unique kilowatt-hours purchased as a result of the campaign.

On Tuesday, February 23, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) joined the campaign as a Supporting Organization, joining 15 other organizations and businesses including Xcel Energy, Sterling Planet, EcoElectrons, the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), Earth Day Network, the Center For Energy Efficiency And Renewable Technologies (CEERT), and Renewable Energy Markets Association (REMA) in early support of this innovative program.

Buying clean energy is one of the most important tools consumers and businesses have to reduce the impact of their electricity use,” said CRS Executive Director Arthur O’Donnell. “That’s why this campaign is so important. No matter what our politics or our perspectives on climate change, we can all agree that building more renewable energy will result in energy security, job creation, fewer emissions, and less pollution. This is the one thing consumers can do now to make a big impact.”

Won’t you join us?
Visit to join the campaign today. Individuals and businesses that have purchased renewable energy can sign the roster and help us reach our goal of 1 billion kWh purchased in 2010. If your organization or business would like to join the campaign as a sponsor or supporting organization, please visit the Sponsors page to download the Sponsorship Guide.

Contact us
Please contact Jeff Swenerton, communications director, at 415-561-2119 or jeff [at] resource-solutions [dot] org with any questions or to become a sponsor.